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Ready To Purchase Your Home? Follow These Simple Strategies And Avoid Common Mistakes Most Home Buyers Make

Congratulations! Buying your own home is one of the smartest financial decisions you will ever make. For most Americans, the equity they will build in their home is their biggest source of wealth. Yes, buying a home can be a very stressful undertaking, whether this is your first home purchase or your twentieth, you want things to go as smoothly as possible with no last minute surprises. As your residential sales professional we will represent your family’s best interests throughout the entire process. Our business model, provide you world class service and create lifelong relationships.

1). Unknowingly Participating In A Mortgage Loan That May Not Be Most Suitable For You   

Working with our Residential Lending Specialist Greg, rest assured he will have your best interest in mind at all times. We guarantee you the best available financing rate, terms, conditions with the least hassles and inconveniences. Even if you have a family member or friend in the Mortgage industry you want to compare services, pricing and costs. You will be making the payments not them, one small percentage lost in the loan can literally cost you thousands of dollars throughout the term of your loan. Not only that, if the Mortgage lender drops the ball your deposit can be at-risk as well. This were experience and accountability matters. Greg offers World Class Service and World Class Results! That's why Greg has been part of our team for 20 plus years.

2). Not Having A Complete Market Analysis For The Home You Choose

Next step is to determine the features and benefits you desire in the home you are looking for. Bedrooms, Baths, Area, Schools Etc. As an area expert, we can help educate you on the different neighborhoods, schools, and other local community amenities that suit your life style. Additionally, we will identify the numbers, together we will define your price range to see if it is a sellers’ market or a buyers’ market. Review list price to sold ratios, compare inventory from previous years to current. Determine average DOM in any given area, prepare a plan so you can make informed decisions. Our goal at the Cartur Group is to keep you up to date and informed as much as possible so when your home becomes available we will be able to meet and exceed your expectations. IF we don't negotiate your home purchase at a minimum of $7,000.00 off list price we'll pay you $1,000.00 at the close of escrow  

3). Not Having Complete Estimates Of Your Closing Costs Based On The Specific Home Contracted For, Not Just An Estimate Done At The Loan Application 

Each home has specific costs associated with it, such as taxes and insurance. These can vary dramatically in different locations

4). Not Requiring The Proper Inspections


It is money well spent, and paying attention to the results will let you know the condition of the home that you plan to make yours. In addition, making sure that a home warranty is in place and maintaining it annually, you can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars in unexpected expenses, such as water heaters, electrical, AC/FA, pool, spa pumps and motors and more. You also add appliances, which are extremely costly. Don't forget the termite report. Don't feel just because the seller prepared on before escrow, you have the right to get a second, third, fourth, etc. opinion. We can provide you references of professional vendors we have had success with, please feel free to ask.


Lastly, the final walk through verification. This the last step prior to the COE (Close of Escrow) is to ensure the property has been vacated, all agreed items have been repaired in a workmanlike order, no debris left behind and that the property is in the same condition it was when you originally seen it. This is an important step in the final process of closing and very important you personally walk through and sign off. Congratulations on your new home purchase!